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purple line

a 東方神起/동방신기 media community

p u r p l e l i n e
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uploads and media for k-pop group dong bang shin ki
This community is geared specifically for Dong Bang Shin Ki media. Media such as photobook scans, music and video uploads are encouraged here! Purple Line is their 18th Japanese single release. As all communities, we have a few rules to abide by as well:

1. Only downloads are allowed. Only music, video or photobook scans are allowed. If there's anything in the grey, comment here asking beforehand!

2. Fake cuts are allowed. It's fair if you have ripped something official, or found something on the internet and want to share in your journal. Note to friend locked rotation journals: Please post at least 1 mp3 with your post and warn people in advance that it's locked.

3. Clubbox links are permitted but not encouraged because some members have issues using it. If you upload something using Clubbox, please try to mirror your upload to a place like Megaupload or Mediafire.

4. In the case of taking screencaps from videos, you must put your screencaps under an LJ cut with max one small screencap as a preview. If you're unsure how to make LJ cuts, read this.

5. Tag your subjects! It's the best way to find what you want to download, and makes it easier to search the community. :)

6. If you want to post official releases like singles/albums/dvds, please put the post as friends locked entry. I'm bolding this because some people may not read it in full.

7. Full photobook / booklet / magazine scans are permitted here, but please put any large previews under a cut and try to zip up the entire thing in one folder if you plan on posting to make it easier for others to download. One small image as a teaser is fine.

8. No flaming, harassing, etc. Insulting is an instant ban, but provoking people into flaming will also get you banned. If you have to have a heated debate or fight, take it out of here. We want this to be a peaceful community, thank you.

9. Advertising is okay only once. Any more will have your posts deleted.

10. If any of the rules above are broken, we will delete your post if we see fit. So please try your hardest to follow the rules!

We believe those rules are fair. Feel free to join and contribute to the community. Also, we're just starting out, so tell your friends about us!


Captain: tadayoshi / koreansongs / sarangahlee[@]gmail.com
Magical Co-mod / Grunt: sleepyhead / lemonsurfer[@]gmail.com

If you need to contact either of us in any way, feel free to use one of the methods provided. ^^

cute sounds / fullsizekpop / katopi / korean_rock / kpop_uploads / punch_desu / supajunia

Want to affiliate? Comment here! Your community must be K-pop related in some way. MP3 rotations are also welcome!

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